Cutting Through Snow Storms that come your Way

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We take pride in being a "one stop shop" year round for property needs. At Advantage Lawn and Landscaping, this includes being committed to providing customers with timely snow and ice removal services.

Services we offer include lot plowing, sidewalk clearing, and de-icing (including pre-salting by request). We also offer storm clean up; for example, downed limb removal due to heavy snow damage.

We use a blend of de-icing materials such as rock salt and magnesium, in both liquid and/or solid.
We taylor each contract to fit each client and serve them based on their individual needs. We are available 24/7.

To name a few, here are some of our partners:
Snow & Ice Management Company
Camz Corp
Several Property Management companies
Overlea Professional Business Association

Services we provide for our Commercial customers

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  • • Snow Service
  • • De-Icing
  • • Snow Plowing
  • • Sidewalk Care

Helpful Hints

Mulching is the covering of the soil surface with a layer of organic compost or bark dust. This is a useful practice when performed correctly. The surface layer will conserve moisture and reduce rapid heating or cooling of the soil root zone. It should not be too deep around the main stem of a plant, often 2-4 inches is best. Much more than this prevents air movement and harbors insects that can cause stem and root rot.

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